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  Principia of polyzodiacal astrology
Ptolomei Svarogich
PhD Thesis in astrology. The public defence of the thesis took place at the United Russian Astrological Congress 22 June 1996 11h48m UTC in Moscow.
(in russian, english, italian and french)
How to orient our choice between various systems of astrological houses?
Dieter Koch
Linguaggio Astrale, 1996, Anno XXVI, N. 103, pp. 150-167.
(in italian)
Ancient systems of domification
James H. Holden
(trad. Rocco Pinneri)
Linguaggio Astrale, 1994, Anno XXIV, N. 97, pp. 51-62
(in italian)
The Topocentric System of Houses
Wendel Polich & A. P. Nelson Page
Spica, 1964, vol. 3, nÂș 3, p. 3-10
(in english)
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