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Short-term objective of project LevantE

The main goal of the project LevantE consists in the elimination of the gap between the conceptual achievements of the natural sciences in combination with the technological possibilities in the field of the astronomical observational instruments and the equipment for scientific experiments, as well as the modern computer technologies on the one hand, and the basic concepts of astrology and following from them computing algorithms of the radix and forecasting astrology on the other hand.

What is it for?

I. To help a person of knowledge or a professional scientist of the eve of XXI century to understand our Universe by means of astrology, i.e. by one of the ancient ways of human knowledge, so that the conceptual unfoundedness of the proliferated in XX century computing atrological algorithms being the basis of astrological interpretation do not disturb him.

II. To fathom the divine conception a little bit more profoundly. In the astrological language we can call this objective as the drawing-up of the astrological interpretation of results of the new astrological computing algorithms.

The initiator of the project is a physicist (PhD thesis in theoretical physics) and astrologer (PhD thesis in astrology) known in astrological community under the pseudonym of Ptolomei Svarogich. A number of astrologers from different countries cooperates in the framework of the Project.

The materials published on this web-site bear the direct or indirect relation to the LevantE project. Under the materials bearing the direct relation to the Project are understood the publications, in which either the conceptual bases of astrology, brought up to the standards of the modern scientific approaches, and the computing algorithms following from them are described, or the algorithms of the purely astronomical calculations, using the achievements of the celestial mechanics, the satellite geodesy, all types of astronomical observations, up to the VLBI, with the accuracy, required for the well grounded realization of the new astrological algorithms. We also intend to supply the reader with the information we have available on the realization of such algorithms in the form of the computer programs, on the software developers, collaborating in the framework of the Project or having expressed such wish, as well as on the astrological computer programs, which use the algorithms interesting from viewpoint of the development of the Project, and which presence on the market of the astrological software does not cause the editor of the present web-site to burn with shame as an astrologer, which feels himself a disciple of the great astrologers of the late Moyen Age and antiquity.

Long-term purpose of the Project LevantE

In full measure the working-out of the astrololgical interpretation of results of the new astrological computing algorithms will begin after the successful completion of the Project LevantE. However the pioneers have begun this work immediately after the appearence of the software realizing the new algorithms. The editor of this web-site will do his utmost to publish any works of this kind, even he disagrees to their contents, as he realizes the primary importance of this part of the Project and the necessity of public discussions in this field.

Any material, directly or indirectly able to influence upon the realization of Project, is treated as bearing the indirect relation to the Project. Moreover, the possible influence of one or another material, published here, on the realization and development of the project can be far from obvious. However for the editor of the present web-site the only such relationship is a reason for the publication of some particular material within the framework of the Project. Notice here that we do not avoid any debate with interested persons, including the reason to publish any particular material.

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