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We are pleased to offer a program CONCEPT, which realizes ideas of the polyzodiacal astrology and enables to  check them practically. Program is available in the form of a Zipped archive, which is necessary to expand in the directory, where you want to use it. You can run the program under Windows 95 or Windows 98 as well as under Windows NT in DOS window. However it is difficult or impossible to make it run in pure DOS environment. Due to the big volume of calculations in some points of the program menu, the program works slowly even on Pentium. The program is slightly  uncomfortable in  use and contains errors in the sections, probably unusable by the majority of users. However these errors immediately catch user's eye, even if hi a little conceives the geometric structures of the polyzodiacal astrology. The hardly noticeable errors are not yet discovered.

Concept v. 2.00
Download (332 KB)
English version of 21 december 999
designed by Irina Koloskova 2003